ds9 via command line on mac

For those of you on macs, I figured out how to call ds9 from a terminal command line and get my images from SARA-KP properly scaled and aligned.

Put the following command in a file called ~/bin/ds9   (if ~/bin is not in your path, add it to your path), and note this is all on a single line.

/Applications/SAOImage\ DS9.app/Contents/MacOS/ds9 -zscale -geometry 800x900 $1 -zoom to fit -rotate 90 -orient x
 then ‘chmod +x ~/bin/ds9

Now, ‘ds9 SARA-image-001.fits’ will open the fits image, rotate it properly, fit it to the frame, and apply a zscale color scale limits for display.

Delete the ‘geometry’ section if you don’t want to take up that much screen real estate.