SARA Astronomers

The Southeastern Association for Research in Astronomy (SARA) is a consortium of 10 colleges and universities (in order of membership): Florida Institute of Technology (FL), East Tennessee State University (TN), Florida International University (FL), Valdosta State University (GA), Clemson University (SC), Ball State University (IN), Agnes Scott College (GA), The University of Alabama (AL), Valparaiso University (IN), Butler University (IN), Texas A&M University-Commerce (TX), Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and the Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias


Name of Professor

Research Area

Florida Tech
Daniel Batcheldor
Eric Perlman
SMBH; Galactic Dynamics; Instrumentation
Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN), Jets, and Cosmology
East Tenn. State Univ
Mark Giroux
Gary Henson
Richard Ignace

Donald Luttermoser
Beverly Smith
Extragalactic Studies; Large Scale Structure
Photometry of Mira Variable Stars
Theoretical Modeling of Hot Stars
Modeling of Red Giant Stellar Atmospheres
Multiwavelength Extragalactic Astronomy
Florida International Univ
Caroline Simpson
Walter Van Hamme
James Webb
Formation & Evolution of Dwarf Galaxies
Stellar Structure and Evolution; Binary Stars
Quasars, BLazars, and other Active Galactic Nuclei
Valdosta State Univ
Cecilia Barnbaum
Martha Leake
Ken Rumstay
Old Stars; Galactic Chemical Evolution
Planetary Astronomy; Asteroid Spectroscopy
Active Galaxies
Clemson Univ Sean Brittain
Dieter Hartmann
Jeremy King
Mark Leising
Brad Meyer
Herbig Ae/Be Stars, Circumstellar Disks & Planets
Gamma Ray Bursts
Stellar Structure and Evolution
Gamma-Ray Astrophysics; Supernovae
Nuclear Astrophysics and Nucleosynthesis
Ball State Univ Robert Berrington
Thomas Jordan
Ron Kaitchuck
Thom Robertson
Numerical and Obs Extragalactic Astronomy
Observational Studies of Low-Mass Stars
Observational Studies of Cataclysmic Variables
Observational Studies of Low-Mass Stars
Agnes Scott Coll Nicole Ackerman
Art Bowling
Chris De Pree
Amy Lovell
Early Phases of Massive Star Formation
Laser Optics and Atmospheric LIDAR
Long wavelength Studies of Solar System Objects
Univ Alabama Ron Buta
Bill Keel
Galaxy Dynamics and Morphology
Galaxy evolution, dust content, and nuclear activity
Valparaiso Univ Todd Hillwig
Bruce Hrivnak
Close Binaries; Microquasars; Massive Binary Stars
AGB stars to Planetary Nebulae; Binary Stars
Butler Univ Brian Murphy Dense Stellar Systems: Globular Clusters & Galactic Nucleus
Texas A&M Univ-Commerce Cheri Davis
Kent Montgomery
William Newton
Kurtis Williams
Matt Wood 
Asteroid Light Curves
Differential Photometry of Asteroids
Time Series Photometry of Stars & Asteroids
White Dwarf Stars, Observational Astronomy
Cataclysmic Variables, White Dwarf Stars


Contact ACE Astronomical Consultants & Equipment Inc renovated both SARA telescopes and designed and manufactured the control system and instrumentation. They also maintain both observatories.